Selling Tips

The impact of the presentation of the home should never be underestimated.

  • keep lawns trimmed
  • tidy garden beds and trim trees and bushes
  • add fresh bark where possible
  • keep the yard free of toys and rubbish
  • hire a pressure washer and spray downs paths and walls
  • keep the swimming pool at its best
  • clean out garages and sheds-buyers want to see space!
TIP: Plant yellow flowers. Yellow evokes a buying emotion. Marigolds are inexpensive

  • wash down or repaint walls and exterior doors
  • wash windows and flyscreens and remove all cobwebs
  • clean or replace the front door mat
  • attend to worn woodwork
  • clear the gutters
  • clean the BBQ
  • a working front doorbell is a must!
  • check your door jams-are they painted and fresh?
  • make sure your house number is clearly visible
TIP: Take a step back and view your property with a critical eye. Remember, first impressions count and the property should be presentable both inside and out

  • fix loose knobs, sticking doors, windows and drawers
  • fix those taps-dripping water discolours sinks,baths and calls attention  to faulty plumbing
  • dust furniture,ceiling fan blades and light fixtures making sure everything is free of cobwebs
  • patch holes in walls and consider painting walls neutral colours
  • replace burned-out  light bulbs
  • where possible help to reduce odours by not smoking inside and try to keep the family pets outside the home
  • teenage rooms can be a nightmare-a brave move on your part-but remove all offensive posters from the walls and remove blu-tac
  • De-clutter rooms- take down family photos, and put away knick-knacks and remove bulky furniture  if necessary
  • Rearrange bedroom and kitchen cupboards- uniformity is the key- group items by size, shape and colour
TIP: Consider a garage sale- remember if you haven't used it in over a year you probably don't need it