Steps to Selling your Home

One, two, three
30-11-2017 |
Step One
Set the Price
After deciding on the best sales method suiting your property, both you and your agent will set an estimated selling price range. This guide is supported by the agent’s market knowledge, secondary sources such as RP DATA and recent area sales. An agency agreement will be prepared and sent to you and be signed by all vendors and the agent.

Step Two
Legal Ready
Choose or notify your current solicitor conveyancer or ask us to recommend one. As soon as we have a contract for sale, along with your signed agency agreement we can legally market and sell the property. Having a legal representative to act on your behalf ensures for a smooth sales process.

Step Three
Photography and Ad Copy
To make your property shine, professional photos will be taken and the best images will be used throughout the marketing campaign. Together with our ad copy writer a convenient time will be arranged to inspect the property and provide best promotion used for marketing.

Step Four
Market Ready
Your property is set to launch into it’s marketing campaign. In order to reach the maximum target audience your property is exposed to every marketing medium available in our market place.

Step Five
You will be the first to know about incoming offers on your property. The agent’s job is to negotiate the best possible offer to your satisfaction. You may choose to accept the offer or negotiate further. If your home is marketed through an auction campaign, you can consider pre auction offers.

Step Six
Property Sold
After offer and acceptance, both parties will sign contracts and exchange either unconditionally or with a cooling off period. The property is now officially sold and there will (usually) be a 42 day settlement period in which everything can be prepared for settlement.